Penguin Parade


David O’Brien

Penguins in their typical enclosure at the St. Louis zoo.

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

During the craziness of the last few months, it can become difficult to find the good in the world. One way to brighten everyone’s day are the exciting videos and live streams that zoos have been providing us with! To entertain everyone stuck in quarantine, many zoos throughout the U.S. have started to live stream their penguins! These zoos, including the St. Louis Zoo, have also allowed their penguins to roam around and sometimes even meet other animals.

Lots of zoos have partaken in a penguin parade. The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago started this trend, as they decided to try and introduce new experiences, activities and foods to each of their animals. Along with these new experiences came the roaming penguins. In the videos which were posted on social media, we see into the lives of three penguins. We watch as the three penguins visit the rainforest exhibit, the shark tank and even the information desk.

The Tampa Zoo soon followed suit. They allowed two of their penguins to follow the staff and “help” them out on their daily routines. The penguins met many animals, including an iguana and some manatees. The two penguins eventually got distracted from their work after spotting some fish. The Tampa Zoo also let their porcupine, Pierce, walk around the zoo and make some new animal friends!

Last but not least, the St. Louis Zoo has also participated in the parades. Our zoo allowed six different penguins to roam the park. These outdoor penguins got to check out the indoor exhibit, the puffin exhibit and the gift shop. They then went to the private offices upstairs before heading home. You can check out their journey on YouTube or Facebook!

The penguins aren’t the only ones getting attention, though. Zoos all over the world have started live streaming videos of many animals to isolated families. They are showing behind the scenes tours, animals in their natural habitat and even some special events like animals playing with bubbles. If you are looking for something to do this week, be sure to check out some zoo live streams to brighten your day!