Peculiar Pets of Dominic


Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

For most people, dogs, cats and hamsters are what we envision our perfect pets to be; however, some think goats, wasps and birds are fun, cuddly buddies to have around the house.

Emily Baird

Hi! I’m Pepper, and I’m a three-year-old cockatiel! I like to flap my wings in everyone’s faces because I think it’s funny. I also chirp very loudly in everyone’s ears. I like to fly around and take long naps on my dad’s shoulder (he’s always really warm!).

Mary Ellen Raymo

Hello humans. My name is Pekkala, and I am a beautiful Polistes metricus paper wasp. I actually met my roommate in your school cafeteria while I was trying to hibernate, but she saved me and took me home. I enjoy being hand-fed maple syrup, and I love fruit punch flavored Dum Dums. I also enjoy looking at Christmas tree lights. By mid April, I’ll be flying around looking for nesting sites so I can lay my eggs. I am actually quite harmless, and if you give me sugar, I’ll be your friend for life.

Greetings finless things. My name is Larry, but I also go by Larry Most Handsome and Lord of the Tank. I am the most gorgeous Blue Gourami to have ever swam Earth, and all who see me are overwhelmed by my beauty. Every day, when the light is turned on, I rise gloriously from my cave to greet my mommy, and I wait for her to feed me. If she does not, I twirl my fins in a special language we share or just stare at her forlornly until she gives in to my pitiful expression. When the food arrives, I have to battle for the shrimp pellets with the catfish, who are essentially aquatic Roombas, and the albino pleco, Woobete. Everyone has this idea in their brine shrimp-sized brains that she is the ruler of the tank, but it is clearly me, since I am the most majestic. Now it is time for me to go lurk behind the java fern and give everyone a break from my handsome face, since it is too much for the mortal mind to comprehend.

Lexi Bross

Hi, my name is Billy and I am three years old. I have to be separated from my siblings because I can be kind of mean sometimes, but I am really just a big scaredy cat. I like to eat grass and sleep when I have spare time on my hands. I am also pregnant and will be expecting sometime in the late spring/early summer!

Hi! I’m Milly, and I am also three years old. I am the leader and the most nurturing out of all of my goat brothers and sisters. My favorite activities include eating grass and sunbathing.

Hi, my name is Willy, and I am almost one year old. I LOVE attention. If someone is around me and not rubbing and petting me, there’s a problem. I also love to run around and be active.

St. Dominic has some of the most adorable unusual pets. While many don’t understand their appeal, one thing’s for sure: they offer a unique friendship that will be treasured forever.