Local Businesses Standing Strong


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Local businesses are fighting the coronavirus to stay open during these hard times.

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

The coronavirus is impacting every part of our lives, and small businesses are doing their best to fight back.

With people staying home all day, there is significantly less business. Small businesses rely on income from their customers more than bigger companies, so the coronavirus pandemic has left them panicking.

Many workers have temporarily lost their job from the lack of business. Some businesses have indefinitely closed, as companies can’t afford to pay their employees if they don’t get enough money to even pay off utilities, supplies, etc. However, most small businesses are doing their best to stay afloat by offering curbside pickup if they do not have a drive-thru. With this, customers place an order online or over the phone and drive up to the restaurant when the order is ready. Then the workers bring the food out to the cars.

Lots of people are stepping up to help their local businesses and workers in other ways. For example, NBA players are donating money to arena staff because of the game suspensions. One of the generous players is Kevin Love, a center for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who donated $100,000. Professional athletes aren’t the only ones helping out. Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated $1 million to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization with a nationwide network of food banks.

Obviously, we are not all expected to donate thousands of dollars to our local businesses, but helping out can be as small as ordering one meal for dinner.

Restaurants aren’t the only places taking a hit. Other small businesses such as nail salons, trampoline parks and libraries are also struggling. With this being said, don’t forget about Annie’s Nails, Sugar Fire, Blue Sky, LifeWorks Business Center and all the local libraries. We cannot go to all of these places because of social distancing, but remember to visit when this pandemic is over.

Make sure to support our local businesses however you can, and keep everyone affected in your prayers!