Quarantine Streamin’: Long Binging Edition


Audrey Weber

There are a many shows with a ton of episodes to watch during quarantine.

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Sometimes you just need a good long binge. Lucky for you, there are plenty of shows out there with tons of episodes! From hunting demons to stupid jokes, here are some good options when you want to devote hours and hours of your life to some quality entertainment.

Netflix: Supernatural

If you’re into road trips full of brotherly bickering, hunting evil and saving the world, Supernatural is the show for you! Netflix has 14 seasons that showcase the Winchester brothers traveling all across the U.S. to save the world from evil spirits, demons and every other monster under the sun, so you’re sure to be captivated for a long time.

Hulu: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is a show aired live from New York that’s been around since 1975. With 45 seasons, it’s the perfect show to leave on while working or if you just need a laugh. There’s many different comedy skits, most of which feature a bunch of actors such as Kenan Thompson, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell and Bill Hader. You can’t go wrong with this classic!

Disney+: The Simpsons

Another hilarious classic, The Simpsons, has over 30 seasons full of jokes, sarcasm and eating donuts. The series follows an unconventional family who gets into all types of trouble, with the dad, Homer, leading the way. The cartoon has run since 1989 with 678 episodes so far, so if you choose to take a trip to Springfield, you might be there awhile!

Amazon Prime Video: Criminal Minds

With 13 seasons available on Prime, Criminal Minds is a long binge-worthy show that will always keep you on your toes. The show follows a particularly gifted team in the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI on their cases, allowing you to see them solve all sorts of different crimes.

With so much time on your hands, it can’t hurt to try these favorites out. Be sure to check out our previous Quarantine Streamin’ article if you want some more binge-worthy options!