On Demand Rocks Home Entertainment


Ben Pearson

Poppy and Branch embark on another adventure in Trolls World Tour.

Darby Duncan and Emma Hankins

When the coronavirus hit, it sparked a decrease of just about everything from the stock market to small businesses to schools. Movie theaters were no exception, as the virus has drastically impacted their profits. However, in the midst of all this craziness, some production studios, like Universal and Disney, have stepped up to make things easier on all of us.

 Instead of just releasing to movie theaters, many studios have decided to send their brand new movies to On Demand! This will allow us all to watch new premieres we were looking forward to while continuing social distancing. For many years movie studios have attempted to release films to those at home while the movies are also in theaters, but this failed due to theater chain complaints. In the midst of the coronavirus and social distancing, studios can give movie lovers a new way to see the big screen on their own screen.  Below are the top five new movies already on demand or coming soon.


Onward is Disney Pixar’s latest film. It was released on March 6, but most people hadn’t had a chance to see it before things got bad. Fortunately, now we can all have access to it on demand! Onward tells a mystical story with a modern twist. It follows two elf brothers played by everyone’s favorites, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, as they embark on a quest to bring back their father. They boys can only bring him back for one day and are racing against the clock. Be sure to check out this heartwarming tale on demand for $19.99 or for free when it hits Disney+ on April 3. 

The Invisible Man 

The Invisible Man was in the middle of having a strong theatrical run until the shut down. After being released on February 28, it was getting positive reviews, but now it has come on demand for us all to watch. The tale follows a young girl who is stalked by her invisible ex-boyfriend. When she seeks help, no one believes her, so she is forced to take matters into her own hands. The Invisible Man is already available on demand, so be sure to check it out! 

Trolls World Tour 

Trolls World Tour was slated to hit theaters on April 10, but with the current state of things, Universal decided it would put the second Trolls film straight on demand. This adorable story follows Poppy and Branch as they discover six different troll tribes across the lands. Each tribe is devoted to a different kind of music. The rocker trolls, Queen Barb and King Thrasher set out to destroy all music but their own, but will Poppy and Branch be able to stop them before it’s too late? See for yourself when Trolls World Tour is available on demand April 10 for $19.99. 

I Still Believe

I Still Believe is a movie about the life of singer Jeremy Camp. Starring KJ Apa, this film follows a young couple shortly after their wedding. The couple seems to have the perfect life, until Melissa, Jeremey’s wife, is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This movie is the perfect mix of drama, romance and a rollercoaster of emotions. It also depicts what it means to have hope in the worst of times. Grab a box of tissues and start streaming this film of love and loss on March 27. 

Sonic The Hedgehog 

Last but not least, Sonic The Hedgehog will soon be coming on demand as well. Everyone’s favorite hedgehog got his own movie on February 14, but those of us who weren’t lucky enough to see it in theaters all have the chance to watch it on demand soon. What better way to pass the quarantine time than by watching Sonic navigate the human world and defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik? Check it out starting on March 31. 

Even though we are stuck inside, there’s still plenty to entertain us, especially with all the movie studios providing us with so many brand new movies. Be sure to check out all these new movies and more over the quarantine!