Tweeting Tock


Megan Gilmore

Kate Ryan, Staff Writer

After becoming the new Dean of Students at St. Dominic this year, Mr. Nathan Tock has adjusted to the community and the high school atmosphere in the best ways. From his avid “tweeting” to the personal connections he forms with students, he has become an essential part of the St. Dominic community.

Adjusting to a new atmosphere can be tough, but Mr. Tock has exceeded all expectations. So far, he is loving his position, and every day he learns more and realizes how special St. Dominic is. Like any other job, Mr. Tock’s role definitely has difficult days, but he knows the community is constantly patient and loving.

One of Tock’s unique ways of running things is establishing a personal connection with each and every student. The Dean of Students at any school is typically feared by the students, but Tock completely changes the outlook on this stereotype and uses his kind and patient ways to get the job done.

Mr. Tock doesn’t just discipline blindly and unremorsefully. He is very understanding, puts himself in the struggling student’s shoes and does his best to connect with the teen on a personal level.

“If a kiddo is ‘acting out’ or struggling, 99% of the time there’s a reason why. You never find that reason if you don’t establish a connection,” Tock said.

From personal experience, he says it has proved more efficient to make an effort to change if he had a strong relationship with the person asking for the change. Actions speak louder than words, and when it comes down to it, he genuinely enjoys being around students.

Being a previous teacher has definitely helped Mr. Tock come into Dominic with a strong background as an educator. A certain amount of self-motivation is needed to be successful, and he hopes to rub off on other teachers and encourages them to bond with their students as well.

“You guys astound me in what you are able to overcome (like our current pandemic), and seeing what kids are dealing with and seeing kids rise above is further affirmation that this was my calling and this is where I am needed,” Tock said.

As Mr. Tock forms personal connections with students, one of his favorite ways to do so is Twitter. Tock continuously posts kind and uplifting tweets that definitely have nothing but positive effects on everyone. Some of his tweets contain life advice, fun information or just a good laugh.

“Be real! What you see is what you get from me. My glass is not only half full, but I have some extra water that I would be happy to share. Every single low point in my life has been positively affected by a laugh, so I think it’s my job to deliver those,” Tock said.

Mr. Tock is taking a whole new outlook on the position of the Dean of Students. He constantly dishes out positive feedback and advice whenever needed by the students or faculty. Establishing a personal connection with his students is one of his main goals and has definitely brought this community closer together. So next time you’re in the hallway make sure to give this amazing guy a high-five; and, Mr. Tock, we hope to see you soon!