Culture Club: Experience the World at St. Dominic


Kennedy Jones, Staff Writer

The St. Dominic Culture Club is a great way to learn about many diverse places around the world. The club enjoys eating food from different cultures, learning about many unique lifestyles across the globe, playing games to quiz their knowledge and much more.

Culture Club is led by seniors Bailey Gunderson, Abigail Kelble and Dania Salman and is moderated by history teachers Mr. Moore and Mr. Asher. The club and its activities are centered around learning about the many different cultures found around the world. They do this through presentations about a specific holiday in one country or basic information about a culture.

“Every meeting we learn about how a holiday is celebrated across the world or focus on one culture and then do an activity,” Gunderson said.

Some activities the club does include playing Kahoot, decorating cookies, making small crafts and having food days. All of these fun activities are designed to fit whatever culture the club is learning about at the meeting and are a great way to immerse themselves into the different lifestyle.

Culture Club began three years ago by 2019 alumnae Amina Islam and Jordan Barr, who wished for their friends to learn about their cultural backgrounds, as well as other backgrounds. Throughout these past three years, many students have become familiar with countless different cultures and societies.

“Students should join Culture Club because it’s a super laid-back, once-a-month thing where you can hang out with friends, eat great food and learn something new,” Gunderson said

The club meets once a month on Wednesdays during Empower Hour, so when we get back make sure to check our daily bulletin for the next meeting. You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to experience the many cultures throughout our world!