On The Move


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Tom Brady moves on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Cameron Peters, Staff Writer

The NFL free agency is well underway, and teams are already going to work. With re-signings, new signings and big trades all in the mix, the free agent period has been anything but normal for every team. Here’s some notable offseason moves thus far in free agency.

Tom Brady

Everybody has been on the edge of their seats ever since the AFC Championship game, wondering if Brady will stay with Bill Belichick or leave for a different system. The Super Bowl and his commercial threw a wrench into teams’ plans who hoped to sign him, as he said “Me? I’m not going anywhere.” This was no longer the case, as article after article came flooding into the sports world, saying that Brady wished to leave New England for another team. This led to some crazy controversy over the last few days before free agency, with teams frantically sending offers to him. Finally, on March 20, he made a decision, as he officially turned the page to a new chapter. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the “lottery” as they signed Brady for what is $50 million over two years. They hope Brady and their awesome wide receiver core will lead them to the Super Bowl. This would be big for Brady, who also has nine million in incentives written into his contract. Although the Pats moved on from Brady, they did a classy thing on Sunday as they took out a full page ad in the the Tampa newspaper. The ad thanked Brady for all he had done for their organization and told the Bucs’ fans to care of Brady because they got a good one. It was a very classy gesture from the Pats to one whom many consider the GOAT. However, he wasn’t the only big move.

Stefon Diggs

Trade season has come a bit early this year, as the Minnesota Vikings searched the market on a deal for Stefon Diggs. The deal they accepted was with the Bills, as they traded Diggs and a seventh-round pick to the Bills for a first, fifth and sixth round pick this year, along with a fourth round pick next year. This deal was huge, as Diggs expressed his displeasure last season after a slow start. He essentially requested a trade without saying it upfront. Last season, however, he still was a top five receiver in the league. He caught 63 passes for 1,130 yards last year, making him an elite target as he makes the move to Buffalo.

DeAndre Hopkins

The Texans have also been exploring the market in search of a good deal on superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Last season he posted 104 catches for 1,165 yards, making him a reliable look throughout the season and a clear top five ranking as a wide receiver. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to mesh well, so the two parted ways on March 16, as the Arizona Cardinals traded away 32-year-old David Johnson, a 2020 second round pick, and a 2021 fourth round pick for Hopkins and a fourth rounder. This deal was a steal on the Cardinals’ side, giving up an aging Johnson for some fresh receiver legs, as Larry Fitzgerald is probably in the final year of his tenure in the NFL.

Overall, the NFL frenzy has been anything but boring, as teams have made move after move, hoping to compete for a Super Bowl title this season. Free agency is making for an eventful season through week one, so be on the lookout after this virus situation settles for an amazing season of football.