Quarantine Streamin’


Darby Duncan

Ellen’s Game of Games is streaming on Hulu now!

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

The past few days have been crazy, and the next few weeks are only going to get crazier. While being stuck at home, it can be difficult to beat the boredom; but one solution which always works is to binge watch a great new show. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be reporting which shows are the best to binge on each platform, so we can all enjoy a little more entertainment throughout quarantine.

Netflix: Love is Blind

Everyone loves a great reality show, whether it be The Bachelor or The Voice, but Netflix’s new show Love is Blind is something totally new. Throughout this 38-day experiment, couples are put to the test to see if love is truly blind. The participants start out dating each other for ten days, and many of them end up in an engagement and even a wedding. But there’s a catch—none of the couples get to see their partner until after they choose to get engaged! Stream the first season of this crazy new dating show on Netflix.

Hulu: Ellen’s Game of Games

Everyone could use a mood booster during this time, and who doesn’t love a good ol’ game show? Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres came up with an outrageous game show called Ellen’s Game of Games. This crazy show has supersized versions of games from Ellen’s show, as well as a collection of brand new challenges. Ellen is in the center of it all, providing humor and commentary for us all to enjoy! You can stream this fun-filled show on Hulu.

Disney+: Hannah Montana

Nothing makes us happier than rewatching our favorite childhood shows. Getting to experience the “the best of both worlds” and nostalgia that Hannah Montana brings us is a sure fire way to lift our spirits. With Disney+, we are able to throw it back with Miley, Lily, Oliver and all of our old favorites while watching all four seasons!

Prime Video: Private Practice  

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy, rejoice. If you’re all caught up on the adventures of Meredith Grey and need something new to watch, look no further. Private Practice follows the life of Addison Montgomery after she leaves Derek and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for good. She moves to Los Angeles and helps run a new clinic with her old friends. Watch all six seasons on Prime Video (also available on Netflix and Hulu).

While we might be cooped up in our houses, there is still plenty for us to do! The world is full of millions of shows on multiple platforms, all available at our fingertips. Be sure to check out the suggested shows above and check back next week for four new selections. Until then, happy watching!