Stewart Here To Stay

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

Mrs. Stewart has had a crazy first year as St. Dominic’s principal. Now with the novel coronavirus causing distance learning, it has become even crazier, but Mrs. Stewart loves her new home, whether she is in the building or distance principal-ing. 

Mrs Stewart was a assistant principal at Fort Zumwalt West, which is a lot different from a private school. Mrs. Stewart has done quite well, considering she is coming from a completely different environment. 

“The most difficult part about being new at St. Dominic is staying connected to the students.  As a principal there is so much to administer and manage that sometimes you can lose sight of connecting to the students,” Mrs. Stewart said. 

That’s become even more of a challenge with the recent closing of our building, but Mrs. Stewart is doing her best. She is staying connected to faculty, staff and students through Zoom, e-mail and Twitter. Her role as principal really hasn’t changed with distance learning as she still takes care of students and faculty while trying to continually make us better.

“In my position as a leader in curriculum development I hope to continue to strengthen our teachers’ instructional practice using professional learning communities. This is simply a collaboration movement to strengthen instruction in daily classroom teaching, work on strong assessments, and to use data from those assessments to improve student learning,” Mrs. Stewart said.

Besides academics, Mrs. Stewart is excited about the community here at St. Dominic. She feels the house system is just going to make that community even better and is determined to help keep it going, even through this challenging time.

“I believe the implementation of families, family time, and the overarching house structure gives us plenty to add to our community at St. Dominic High School. This system is going to allow students a chance to lead their peers in a number of areas and help bring forward the four pillars that we stand for: Prayer, Study, Community, and Service,” Mrs. Stewart said.

Mrs. Stewart is excited for what she can offer St. Dominic in the future and we are excited to have such an engaged leader.