Keeping Up With Kuebler

Keeping Up With Kuebler

Megan Gilmore

Avery Kannady, Staff Writer

History teacher Mr. Kuebler has been working at Saint Dominic High School for 10 years, teaching the different levels of history while working hard and being a beneficial teacher.

“Being a teacher can be very challenging. Constantly figuring out lesson plans, teaching in the easiest way for students to understand, and keeping up with grading can all put lots of pressure on teachers,” said Mr. Kuebler.

When asked about challenges, Mr. Kuebler answered with, “One thing I find frustrating about teaching is that I always feel like I am behind schedule. Maybe I need to be a better planner.”

History can be a very challenging subject to succeed in. It is important to find some sort of relationship with the subject in order to understand it. “My favorite part about teaching history is that I get to spend most days talking about something that I find very interesting. Since history is interpretative, I also love hearing the perspectives of students. It is a subject that is fluid and teaching it from one year to the next can be totally different,” said Mr. Kuebler.

Many years of learning the elements of history is hard. “The typical answer you hear a lot is that you need to know history because “history repeats itself.” I think that is true to some extent, but more importantly, I think if you know how to evaluate evidence and make an argument about history, you can apply those same skills to the world around you today. With information so easily accessible today, I think those skills are very important,” said Mr. Kuebler, when asked what his favorite thing about the subject is.

While some students find the subject boring, it is important for teachers to help their students stay motivated in order to succeed. “I try to motivate students to learn by making connections from history to current times. For instance, we recently covered captains of industry like John D. Rockefeller and compared them to business leaders today like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. Also, I try to assign research topics in which students can pick topics that interest them. Hopefully, that makes students more motivated to tackle the subject. Also, I think that if you have a valid explanation for why a subject is relevant to them, students usually buy in,” said Mr. Kuebler.

Being a teacher is a challenging job. It is a job that involves lots of hard work and effort. No matter the circumstance, the different parts of being a teacher take lots of thinking and studying.