St. Dominic Goes the Distance for Distance Learning


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Students and teachers are finishing the school year by taking on distance learning

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, students and teachers are taking on the challenge of distance learning in the most creative ways possible.

Around the country, most schools of all levels are either off school or taking online classes. St. Dominic will be doing distance learning until health officials give the “ok” to return. Until then, students are taking four hour-long classes each day.

Even with the late notice, teachers are doing a great job resuming their classes as usual. The most popular app they have been using is Zoom. Zoom allows teachers to video chat all of their students at once, which makes asking questions and discussing the material with the teacher and classmates extremely easy. There are different features that allow teachers to write on a white board and show videos and websites. It gives the best in-class effect.

“I like Zoom the best because it gives a more classroom oriented-feel, and I can see everyone and see and hear the teacher,” senior Lucy Weston said.

Edpuzzle is another app that is helpful for distance learning because teachers can write notes and explanations on the screen while the students watch and take their own notes. However, new apps aren’t the only way to teach a class. Some teachers use Nearpod or Loom to display their notes and ask questions, or they simply upload assignments and projects on Google Classroom.

“I like that we are making great strides to not simply turn this into an extended e-Learning period where we simply assign worksheets or busy work, but rather attempting to have some meaningful learning opportunities—even if they aren’t exactly the same as holding regular classes,” history teacher Mr. Jason Asher said.

All students have their own opinions on distance learning, but everyone is making the best of the situation. Seniors are being hit the hardest with potentially losing spring sports, prom, senior send off and even graduation. However, not everyone prefers to walk down the crowded halls every day.

“So far, I actually prefer distance learning because it is a nice change from physically going to school every day. It’s a lot more relaxed, and it is nice working from home. Also, the days are a lot shorter which is really nice because it gives me more time to work on other things, and being able to wear sweatpants during class is awesome,” junior Emily Marut said.

Everyone is doing their best to stay as occupied as possible while at home. Some people have dove into deep cleaning their room, exercising at home and outside, watching TV and YouTube, playing with their siblings and of course, napping.

Even though this situation is not ideal, people are enjoying the laid-back classes and making the best of their time off.