These Guys Are Rocking the Boat


Elizabeth Petruso

The boys of “Guys & Dolls” practice their choreography in preparation for opening night.

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

The 2020 St. Dominic spring musical has actors singing “Sit down, you’re rocking the boat.” Yet, the majority of males in the cast of Guys & Dolls refuse to sit down, but instead raise the bar for future men in SDHS theatre by dancing and singing like never before.

The boys in the theatre program have each come from different backgrounds with a range of talents and previous performing experience, all used to put on this energetic show. These actors are not simply playing sappy love interests or doing hand motions while they sing. In contrast, they belt their hearts out, create beautiful harmonies and perform thrilling flips, stunts and choreography.

For both veteran actors returning to the St. Dominic stage and those who have just begun performing, Guys & Dolls has become a space for them to grow as performers.

“Playing Nicely Nicely Johnson has made me grow as a performer so much because of the type of character that he is. You would expect with the people he hangs around that he would be a bad gangster, but it’s comical because he is so funny,” junior Nick Damon said.

“The dancing in this show is very intense, but fun. We do a lot of crazy things, and as hard as they may be, it is so much fun to perform,” junior Caleb Stoddard said.

“The role of Arvide is an enjoyable challenge. I always look to push myself and step out of my comfort zone, no matter what role I am portraying,” sophomore Max Williams, who played revolution leader Enjolras in last year’s Les Miserables, said.

Guys & Dolls has pushed me out of my comfort zone. When I got a big dance move that only I do, it has pushed me to be more brave with how I dance,” freshman Bennett Hawkins said.

Hawkins transferred to St. Dominic this year before the second semester; therefore, SDHS theatre is a new experience for him, though he says the other guys in the cast have helped with the change.

“Being a transfer student mid semester, I didn’t have many friends. Because I had not been at the school long, I was not that confident, but when the guys in the show encouraged me, it really brought my confidence up a lot. Even outside of rehearsals, they have helped me so much with getting used to and comfortable at St. Dominic,” Hawkins said.

But Hawkins isn’t the only one new to theatre who has depended on this awesome group of guys to help them adjust.

Senior Marc Rosner is most known for his football skills at St. Dominic, but this past winter, Rosner made his stage debut in Footloose with Assumption Musical Ministry, and has returned to the stage for Guys & Dolls.

Guys & Dolls seemed like an amazing opportunity, and it absolutely has been. Not many times in the average person’s life do you get to have as much fun as this. I absolutely love SDHS theatre, and the group of guys makes it much more comfortable. It’s sort of like being on stage with your brothers,” Rosner said.

These boys have gained so much valuable experience and grown on and off stage during Guys & Dolls, but it’s not all fun and games. Amidst the recent issues with COVID-19, the cast of Guys & Dolls continues to prepare, rehearsing for almost 20 hours each week.

Hopefully everyone will be able to come out next weekend to support our St. Dominic Crusader Players and witness the force that is the group of talented gentlemen in Guys & Dolls. Keep an eye out for updates on the performances.