Corona Crash


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The NBA along with many other profesional leagues have suspended their play.

Cameron Peters, Staff Writer

For the past weeks, people across the globe have been affected by the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, but recently it began to affect more than just the common population.

As March 11 rolled around, NBA basketball seemed to be having a normal day. Two games had already been played and the third, Jazz at Thunder, was about to start, but the game was delayed. The Utah Jazz were awaiting test results for Rudy Gobert, who was being tested for COVID-19.

When the test results came back, the teams were sent straight to their locker rooms, and they and the rest of the world were shocked to find out that Gobert had tested positive for the virus. This was following a press conference two days prior in which Gobert had made a point to touch every single microphone and recorder in front of him. The basketball world was sent into a panic, and teams from around the league immediately began being tested, as many of them had faced Gobert recently.

Since this incident, two more players have been confirmed to have the coronavirus, one being fellow Jazz player and star Donovan Mitchell. The other player is Christian Wood, who has been on a tear recently on the Detroit Pistons.

As of right now, the season has been suspended for only five days, but basketball insider and analyst Adrian Wojnarowski stated last night that the NBA has suspended team practices indefinitely, and the best case scenario is a mid-June return.

The NBA isn’t the only league affected by this virus, as many other leagues have also suspended their play. The NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS and even the PBA (Pro Bowling Association) have all suspended play in hopes for a return some time in the future.

While it remains to be seen when the NBA will return, an eight week timetable has been set for the return of most sports, and everyone is hoping for a speedy return for all sports and recovery for all affected by the virus.