Seniors Setting Goals


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As the end of the year approaches, seniors are beginning to achieve their goals before graduation.

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is sneaking up, and seniors are beginning to fulfill the goals they set to achieve before leaving St. Dominic.

Some seniors simply strive for graduating with a good GPA or bringing a grade up in a class that they are struggling in.

“I’m working on bringing up my honors pre-calculus grade,” senior Lily McKnight said.

However, not all goals are academic related. Senior Sam Slaid wants to get a personal record in the 100 meter hurdle race in track. This season, she will be working the hardest she ever has in order to meet her goal before districts in May. Senior Kyle Fowler also has an athletic goal: that he and the varsity baseball team can dominate the season and win state.

Spring sports aren’t the only thing coming up. May 1 is quickly approaching, which means that prom season is upon us. All of the senior girls want to find the perfect dress to top off the fun and memorable night.

“I had a lot of ideas of what dress I wanted from shopping last year, so I was able to find the perfect dress easily,” senior Graycen Hollowell said.

After the dressing up and dancing is finished, graduation time calls for seniors to make some big decisions. This can be scary, as not all students know what career path they want to take. Luckily, they can figure out what they want to study while in college, but some wish to figure out the important decision before summer begins so that they can enjoy the warm weather stress-free.

Goals for college don’t need to be big life decisions. Senior Lauren Diebling’s goal is to make the cheer team at SEMO for next year, and senior John McLoughlin hopes to swim 500 meters in six minutes in addition to passing the physical fitness test to become a rescue swimmer for the navy.

A senior goal can simply be visiting somewhere fun for a senior trip or family vacation.

“I want to go somewhere fun for a senior trip. Maybe I’ll go to a lake because I’ve never been to one before,” senior Briana Pulliam said.

Not everyone has a set “senior goal,” but senior year is an important time with many big decisions and activities that should be soaked up. Setting goals is a great way to finish things on time, which allows you to enjoy your last year of high school to the fullest!