Up Next: Star Wars: The High Republic



The Skywalker era comes to an end as the rise of The High Republic begins

Cate Cato, Staff Writer

What’s next for the Star Wars franchise? Back at the Skywalker Ranch, some of the biggest Star Wars authors, the Lucasfilm Story Group and the entire publishing team gathered together to create one final story.

“We use our franchise platform to explore the creative potential of the Star Wars galaxy…We bring in great talent and let their imaginations run free,” vice president of Lucasfilm James Waugh said.

Writing a story, especially one so near and dear to people’s hearts, takes time and teamwork to create an epic, adventurous read. The creators’ idea was to have countless opinions coming from a diverse group of people, so they can make a story that adults, teens and kids will all enjoy. With a clean slate, all kinds of ideas are out on the table.

“We all love Star Wars, but we are coming at it from very different places,” writer Justina Ireland said.

Having assembled some of the greatest writers and storytellers of our time, there is no doubt that Star Wars: The High Republic will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Furthermore, the new movie will draw on Star Wars lore from all different kinds of media, creating an epic story that will satisfy even the most knowledgeable fans.

“It’s a gigantic story that touches all different lines of publishing, so you can see the scope of it has to be enormous, because think of the types of storytelling that can feed young adults, children’s, comics, novels, all that stuff… It’s something that we are building that is hopefully on that scope,” comic book writer Charles Soule said.

Taking place 200 years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: The High Republic will capture the era when the Jedi were truly in their prime. However, Star Wars isn’t Star Wars without adventure and challenges, and with that being said, there will be new villains, new threats to face and new worlds to explore.

All the creators’ hard work and dedication will pay off in August of 2020, so start counting down the days!