The Final Rose

Anticipation+builds+as+fans+await+next+weeks+final+rose.+ by Marten De Boer

Anticipation builds as fans await next weeks final rose.

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

The 24th season of The Bachelor has been full of more drama than ever before, but it’s not over yet, as next week is the Final Rose and season finale. Who will Peter pick? How will it all end? Who does Peter’s mom want him to bring home? All our burning questions will be answered in the coming week!

This past Monday started with an intense rose ceremony and ended with “The Women Tell All.” At the beginning of the ceremony, it seemed as if Madi was not going to show up, and Peter was afraid that his disloyal actions had lost Madi for good. But as we held our breath, Madi finally did show up.

Peter started the rose ceremony by giving the first rose to Hannah Ann. The second rose he tearfully gave to Madison. She was reluctant and angry, but accepted the rose anyway, sending the much hated Victoria home.

Peter then said he was falling in love with all three girls, and that’s why his decision was so difficult. He then “celebrated” with the remaining two girls, as next week is the final week. Even with the season coming to a close, more uncertainty and much more drama lie ahead in the two new episodes next week.

After the emotional rose ceremony ended, the drama-filled “Women Tell All” began. Every old fight and rivalry was brought back to the stage, as the women discussed every major event of this season. We heard more about how each girl felt about Alayah coming back on the show, about the fights between Tammy, Kelsey and Mykenna, and then watched as Victoria and Peter saw each other for the first time since the breakup.

The women often argued so much that it was difficult to even hear what everyone was saying. But even through the drama and tears, viewers were left more excited than ever for the finale and anxious to see how it all ends.

“In the end, I would have to guess that something crazy happens. Maybe Kelley comes back, or Hannah Ann wins. I think that Madi deserves better and definitely think that the person who Peter wants to win, doesn’t. I’m just kind of excited for all the drama on Monday and Tuesday,” senior Cati Welby said.

Although no one knows for sure what will happen, Bachelor Nation is teeming with fan theories and questions. Previews have shown Peter’s mother crying about wanting him to bring a certain girl home, and that a secret is revealed that changes everything. And of course, we know that many, many tears are in store.

Whether you’re just tuning in or anxiously waiting, all our questions will be answered next week at the Final Rose! Be sure to catch the beginning of the finale on March 9 and the rest of the drama on March 10!