Life Outside of A Textbook: Adulting 101

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

The real world can sound like a scary place to high schoolers, who will soon have to live in it on their own. High school does a spectacular job at preparing students for college; however, high schoolers need more than book smarts when they venture out into the world.

St. Dominic librarian Mrs. Playle began the club Adulting 101 to help teach students the necessities of life that cannot be taught with an equation or flash cards.

“Adulting 101 is a session that brings real-world issues to the students in a safe environment. I was hearing my fellow library peers discuss how the kids at their schools really enjoyed these experiences and thought, ‘Why not us?’” Playle said.

Adulting 101 gives students the chance to learn useful life lessons and skills from professional outside sources.

“I like getting the opportunity to try something new and learning about different parts of life that I would not necessarily be accustomed to,” sophomore Priyanka Mahadev said.

“I like that experts in each of these fields are being brought in so that everything we are taught is correct and effective,” freshman Paul Koch said.

In the past, Adulting 101 events have included a self defense class, cyber security and learning some basic car maintenance.
“I liked the self defense one more because it was more interactive, lively and hands-on,” Mahadev said.

The recent self defense class “Safe Dating” taught young men and women how to defend themselves if ever in danger and tips on how to be observant and safe.

Adulting 101 may be somewhat overlooked, but anyone who has experienced even one of the events will rave about how special and insightful Adulting 101 is.

“I think people should go to Adulting 101 events because it is important for us to be prepared for life after high-school, and these events target major issues and the correct way to solve them,” Koch said.

“I think people should do them because they provide valuable life lessons for all of us nearing adulthood,” Mahadev said.

If you are interested in attending, make sure you look out for emails and posters about more upcoming Adulting 101 events. The next event will be a visit from a dietician this Friday in the Learning Commons during Empower Hour, so head on out to prepare yourself for adulthood!