The Prom Dress Debacle


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Prom is almost here, and the girls are starting to get their dresses!

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Prom is right around the corner, and many dresses have already been bought! Most of the juniors have a similar classy style, and the seniors are going for a more glamorous look.

The dress style the juniors are going for this year seems to be a long, straight dress with a slit on the side. Even though almost all of the girls are going for that style, some are choosing to not follow the crowd.

“I got the dress I did because I’ve always wanted to get a princess style dress. I went to about three different stores before I found mine, and I absolutely love the one I got! I’m happy I didn’t follow the typical dress because those dresses honestly don’t look good on me. I just went with the dress that I felt the best in,” junior Emily Sullivan said.

This year, some senior girls have chosen ball gown style dresses. These beautiful dresses are sure to turn heads on prom night and make for amazing pictures!

“I knew exactly what style dress I wanted before I even went shopping by looking at dresses on Pinterest. My dress was the third dress I tried on, and I already knew it was my favorite with the deep V-neck cut, sparkly beadings and embroideries that draped into the tulle. What caught my attention the most were the small holographic beads that reflected light in a blue sparkle and contrasted the blush color of the dress. I never expected to see myself in a ball gown dress, but I decided to go all out for senior prom,” senior Amanda Bolk said.

Most of the seniors are going for a very glamorous dress, as opposed to last year when they kept it simple.

“I got my dress at Prom & Beyond in South County. I thought I wanted a tight and beaded dress, but after trying them on, I loved the sparkle of the one I picked. When else can I wear a dress like this?” senior Sophie Prinsen said.

Though there are many similar styles, all of our girls are going to look gorgeous this year! When prom season rolls around, make sure to stay tuned to social media to see their stunning dresses.