All-State Audrey


Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

This past Sunday our very own junior volleyball player Audrey Weber traveled to Eureka High School to accept her All-State award. Audrey has earned many accomplishments over the years, but none can compare to this impressive accolade.

The “All-State” award means that out of all the Missouri Class 3 volleyball players, the Class 3 coaches voted Audrey as one of the best players. This is a huge accomplishment for any player, and Audrey’s outstanding stats and play earned her this title. The three tough seasons of high school volleyball she has played helped her get to where she is now.

Audrey’s freshman year was one with many accomplishments. Not only did she make varsity and help lead the team to state, but she also received the AAA Conference’s Newcomer of the Year award.

“I felt so honored when Coach Bland called me up during the end of the season banquet and told the whole program I had won Newcomer of the Year. It was one of the first big and meaningful awards I had ever won, and I felt so insanely proud of myself,” Audrey said.

During her freshman year, she and her team went to state and battled with all they had. They ended up playing against some difficult teams and finishing in fourth place, but they fought with heart and had fun along the way. The year was an amazing start to an incredible journey.

“State was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I will never lose those memories or friends. Even though almost all of them are in college now, I still talk to my girls that I went to state with because that one huge season brought us so close together,” Audrey said.

Moving into sophomore year, Audrey had even more in store. The team lost a tough match in districts, causing an end to their season, but she still achieved some personal accomplishments, securing Second Team All-Conference and All-District laurels.

“At the time I didn’t really know what second team All-District or All-Conference meant. I didn’t think much of it because a few of my seniors had gotten first and second team as well, and I didn’t want to take the spotlight from them. Looking back at it, it was a pretty big honor to get it sophomore year,” Audrey said.

Audrey’s junior season, however, was her biggest year yet. She led her team to sectionals and fought with all she had, but they fell to Borgia in the finals. However, Weber racked up the most kills she’s ever had in one season, set a St. Dominic record and achieved First Team All-Conference, All-District, All-Metro and All-State.

“The All-State banquet was really simple; they just handed out the awards and medals. However, once I held the paper that said ‘All-State,’ it felt really real. I realized that I had earned this fair and square, and I couldn’t have done it without the support I’ve had from my parents, coaches and teammates over the years. It also made me really excited for senior season, and I can’t wait to help bring my girls to state!” Audrey said.

All her friends, family, teammates and coaches are so unbelievably proud, and they know that she still has much in store for the next year. We cannot wait to see Audrey lead her team in her senior season and journey all the way back to state!