Couples of the Century


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Pepper and Tony, one of the top couples of the century.

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. Throughout this century, we have been gifted with some of the cutest, craziest and most beloved couples ever. Check out our top ten couples of the century below.

1. Carl and Ellie

First up we have Carl and Ellie Fredricson from Up. These two lovebirds have been by each other’s sides through it all. Their relationship started when they were little kids and blossomed over time. Ellie was there to bring adventure and fun to Carl’s life, while Carl was able to bring stability and realism to Ellie’s. They went through a wedding, multiple jobs and even a miscarriage as they grew old together. Even after Ellie passed away, Carl continued to try and achieve their dream of visiting Paradise Falls. Nothing could stop him, not even talking dogs or their evil owner. At the end of the movie, we all swoon as Carl achieves their dream and keeps Ellie’s legacy alive.

2. Pepper and Tony

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are second on the list. These two have been together since the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man. Their relationship has had many ups and downs, but it is for sure one of the best. In 2008, Pepper was Tony’s assistant. When Tony comes home after being kidnapped, we see the beginnings of their true love for one another. We also witness Pepper having to reach deep inside Tony’s chest to replace his arc reactor. She later gives him his old reactor on a stand that says “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart,” much to the delight of Marvel fanatics. The two continue to go through their ups and downs, including broken hearts, multiple battles and even a break, but eventually the couple prevails as Tony proposes and eventually marries his beloved Pepper. They then have a daughter named Morgan, who they raised until the epic battle with Thanos in Avengers Endgame. Here Pepper and Tony fight alongside each other until Tony saves everyone by wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. The power is too much for Tony and ends up killing him. Pepper, however, held him close and told him everything would be ok as he died in her arms.

3. Ross and Rachel

Another relationship with its many ups and downs is Ross and Rachel from Friends. Although this relationship technically started back in the ’90s, this beloved couple didn’t truly get together until the very last episode in the series, which aired in 2004, making it this century. Not to mention, Friends is still widely popular today, spanning many generations. Ross and Rachel had a very on again off again relationship, complete with their famous break. The two finally got together after hidden feelings, other girlfriends and saying the wrong name at the altar. They then take a break, get back together, break up, continue an on and off relationship, have a baby and finally stay together for good, as Rachel gets off the plane. No matter what life throws at them, these two can survive anything!

4. Dom and Letty

This Fast and Furious couple has seen it all. Their relationship started out in the first movie when Letty is introduced as Dom’s girlfriend. The pair had been friends since childhood and their relationship only continues to grow over the course of the movies. In Fast and FuriousDom is led to believe that Letty is dead; however, she really just ends up injured and with amnesia. In Fast and Furious 6, Dom finds out that Letty is still alive. The two meet and Letty, who still remembers nothing, shoots Dom. The two battle back and forth until finally Letty ends up with Dom and his crew. Although she doesn’t remember anything, she says this feels like home. In Furious 7, Letty takes a break from Dom to try and sort out her old life and memories. She ends up getting into a fight, hitting her head and regaining her memory. These memories include the fact that she and Dom were married. Finally in Fate of the Furious, the two get their well deserved honeymoon. Then, when it appears that Dom has joined forces with a cyber-terrorist group, Letty is the only one who still believes in him, putting the ultimate strain on their relationship. No matter what crazy obstacles life hands these two, their deep and powerful love can survive it all.

5. Steve and Peggy

Tony and Pepper aren’t the only perfect MCU couple. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter have another epic love story. Their story starts out with Peggy being Steve’s supervisor after he joins the army during World War 2. After becoming Captain America, Steve and Peggy start working closely together on many missions. Eventually, Captain America ends up sacrificing himself to save the world, but not before promising Peggy that he will take her dancing. When Cap wakes up 70 years later, the first thing on his mind is his date with Peggy. Eventually Cap finds Peggy again, although she is old, sick and passes away right after she’s found. However, their story doesn’t stop there. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Cap travels back in time in order to return the infinity stones. Instead of coming straight back as he is supposed to, Cap chooses to stay back in time with the love of his life Peggy. We see the two living happily ever after as they finally get their dance.

6. Troy and Gaberiella

The High School Musical sweethearts Troy and Gaberiella have the cutest love story. It all began when they met at a New Years Eve party and were forced to sing karaoke together. After the break, the two ended up going to the same high school. While there, they break stereotypes and try new things as they become the leads in the spring musical. The two then continue their relationship as they survive many trials throughout the summer, a few broken hearts and eventually graduation. Troy even chooses to go to University of California, Berkeley in order to be closer to Gabriella, who plans to attend Stanford. These two continue their love into college and for the rest of their lives. Troy and Gaberiella are even more relevant this year with the release of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. These two have made a comeback and always continue to be relevant.

7. Edward and Bella

The Twilight couple Edward and Bella have had their fair share of trials. The couple begins with Edward the vampire wanting to kill Bella for her blood; however, he refrains from his desire and ends up saving Bella from being hit by a van. The two then continue to grow their relationship until they both realize they are in love. After their relationship grows deep, Edward decides that it is better for Bella if he isn’t with her, so he leaves her. Eventually the two are reunited as Edward apologizes and confesses just how immense his love is for her. However, this isn’t the happy ending we were all hoping for. Jacob the werewolf ends up also confessing his love to Bella, leaving her with a tough decision. Bella eventually chooses Edward, and they are married. Not long after, Bella becomes a vampire herself. She then becomes pregnant as Edward and Bella grow their family and live together forever

8. Derick and Meredeth

Derick Shepherd and Meredeth Grey from Grey’s Anatomy have seen it all. The two of them have shared a connection since the day before Meredeth started her new job at Seattle Grace Hospital. Her first day on the job, Meredith realizes that Derick is her attending and that they can no longer date each other. The two continue to date in secret until the truth ultimately comes out. Not long after, Meredeth finds out that Derick has a wife who has come to Seattle. Luckily, Derick chooses Meredeth, and they eventually end up getting married on their iconic Post-It note. They then go on to adopt a young girl and have a kid of their own. The couple then has a huge, lasting fight as Derick starts working in D.C., which puts a strain on their relationship. Eventually their fight is resolved, and Derick goes back to D.C. to resign from his job. On the way, however, he gets into a fatal car crash, and Meredeth ends up losing the love of her life. Meredeth later finds out that she is pregnant with their third child, a perfect way to keep Derick and his legacy alive.

9. Rick and Michonne

Rick Grimes and Michonne have seen it all, as their love started in the middle of the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead. Even though the couple is under less than ideal circumstances, they still are able to have friendship, laughter and trust. Their relationship didn’t start out quite as planned, as Michonne leads Rick to save his friends, but he believes she’s led them to a trap. He then proceeds to hold Michonne at gunpoint until she convinces him her intentions are good. The two then bond as they talk about their lost loved ones and feelings during the apocalypse. Rick and Michonne end up getting separated during season four, but are joyfully reunited after Michonne searches for Rick. From then on, the two share feelings, romantic conversations and even arguments as their love grows. Eventually Rick asks Michonne to be a part of his two children’s lives, and they have a child of their own! At the end of season nine, Rick sacrifices himself to save others, causing Michonne to lose her love. Even though Rick is not with the group any longer, his love lives on with Michonne forever.

10. Will and Elizabeth

The last couple of the century is Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean. Elizabeth ends up finding Will overboard in the water when she is a young girl on the crossing from England. She helps to rescue Will, and the two continue their friendship and budding romance for many years to come. Elizabeth, however, has been asked to marry Commodore Norrington, even though her heart belongs to Will. Will and Elizabeth end up getting involved in an adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow. After they help Jack, the two are to be married, but their wedding is interrupted by Cutler Beckett, who arrested the couple for helping a pirate. The two escape imprisonment and once again help Jack Sparrow. At the end of the movie, Will sees Elizabeth kiss Jack Sparrow and assumes they are in love, so he keeps his distance. However, the truth comes out, and Will realizes that Elizabeth loves him and only kissed Jack as part of a plan. Will and Elizabeth are then married on a ship in the pouring rain by Captain Barbossa. Will gets fatally injured, but is able to stab the heart of Davy Jones. This allows him to stay alive, but he can only step on land, and therefore see Elizabeth, once every ten years. Even through this obstacle, the two end up together and eventually even have a baby boy.

This century has brought us some of the greatest couples. Whether they be from movies, books or shows, these couples have the greatest love stories. If you are looking for something romantic to watch or read this Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out these cute couples and their stories.