Go Green on Tuesday


Alyssa Buchheit

Mr. Asher (left), Ms. Hampton (middle), Mr. Winklemann right) all wearing their green shirts this Tuesday

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

Mint. Army. Lime. Olive. Jungle. It doesn’t matter the shade of green; it can be seen dominating the halls of Saint Dominic on Tuesdays, or at least among some of the staff. A small group of Dominic’s teachers and admin have created a weekly tradition of wearing green on Tuesdays.

The members of this strange “club” are Mrs. Schuler, Mr. Winkelmann, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Asher, and Mr. Hennekes. There are occasions when other random members of staff join in for a day, such as Mrs. Goins or Mr. Struttmann.

This may seem like an idea with no meaning, but this trend actually has an origin. The idea all started with Mr. Winkelmann, back when he walked the hallways of St. Dominic as a student himself.

“There was no rhyme or reason to it, but I had a buddy in high school who said ‘We’re gonna do a green shirt Tuesday every Tuesday.’ And so a bunch of us decided to do that and there was a good number who wore green shirts. So I kept that up ever since I came back to teach. It’s really dumb, but it’s something to do on a Tuesday,” said Winkelmann.

After telling fellow members of staff about this silly fashion statement, a select few decided to join in with the trend starting in the fall of 2014. Since then, there has been no Tuesday without some green. You may see Mrs. Schuler patrolling the hallways sporting a green dress. Or perhaps find Mr. Hennekes teaching in his green tie or dress shirt. Whatever the clothing, there is always the green present, even if Mr. Hennekes is colorblind and can’t tell what green is. The green shirts has created a strong community among the teachers involved.

“I thought it was a great way for a group of us to get together and form sort of a friendship or bond and I thought it was a great idea. I’d never done something like this before since I can hardly tell the difference between colors. I had to actually go out and buy some green clothes with someone else so they could tell me what was green. I thought the idea was fun and I really enjoy doing it with such great folks,” said Hennekes.

New teachers such as Ms. Hampton are now even getting in on all the fun. Perhaps you too can join the festivities with a green St. Dominic polo and enjoy the madness. If nothing else, it is something to do on a Tuesday.