Asking the Big Questions: The True Creation Story


Elizabeth Petruso

As Catholics, we can use apologetics and logic to prove that God created the world.

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

It’s a new year, but some things never change—such as the debate on the origin of creation.

Many situations in life have a grey area or circumstances where the “truth” may change, but when it comes to the creation of the world, there can only be one answer.

As Catholics, we believe that God created the world, but how can we defend the truth?

After speaking with St. Dominic Apologetics teacher Mrs. Bossert, I have formed some steps needed to prove the story of creation.

“Most apologetics books—textbooks, regular books or classes—start with the defense of God, and then they break it down into defense of who Jesus is as a man and the Son of God,” Bossert said.

Primarily, to prove that God created the world, we have to prove the existence of God. A perfect source to turn to is St. Thomas Aquinas’s cosmological arguments, which include key points such as: God is the first changer, the first mover, He is a timeless being and He is the master designer.

Everyone can dig deeper into St. Thomas Aquinas’s cosmological arguments, but some of my favorite points, as explained my Mrs. Bossert, are as follows:

“Nothing moves itself. You may think you’re moving yourself, but what you ate for lunch today gives you the energy to be able to do it,” Bossert said.

“Everything that’s intricate, someone designed it in this world. So why wouldn’t the most incredible thing, our universe, have a master designer?” Bossert said.

Once you have used this unbeatable knowledge to prove God is real, you can continue on to how this almighty God created the world.

Mrs. Bossert explained that some believe there has been an infinite amount of regression, and that one day, things perfectly lined up in space, therefore beginning creation. Yet, Mrs. Bossert could prove this theory to be incorrect with an analogy.

“You have a florist shop, and every day you have to count your stock before you can open the door. You have a certain number of flowers. You count them and you can open up the door. But if you have an infinite number of flowers, you would never count your last flower to be able to open today’s door,” Bossert said.

Mrs. Bossert is saying there is “no way there is an infinite past,” because you wouldn’t be able to count the days in order to “open up the door” to creation, but instead there was a Big Bang or a day when everything came to be.

What many fail to realize is that the Big Bang Theory was created by a priest, Georges Lemaitre, who believed that the Earth was born in an explosion. Since Lemaitre thought of the Big Bang before scientists proved it, the idea was originally dismissed, because it defended the belief that God created the world at one point. But now that scientists have proved the Big Bang Theory is real, how can one not believe our creation story?