Not So Super Super Bowl Commercials


Tamar Lapin New York post

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

While the Super Bowl is technically about football, most of us know that it’s really about the commercials. Everyone loves watching iconic and hilarious new commercials each year. This year the commercials weren’t so amazing, but there were still some good ones in the mix. Check out the top ten  below.

1. Hyundai, Smaht Pahk

This new Hyundai commercial showed off their newest feature “smart park,” or self parking cars. With the help of Boston affiliated celebrities Chris Evans, John Krasinsk and Rachel Dratch, the commercial made smart park, sound like “smaht pahk,” and gave everyone watching a great laugh.

2.  Google Home, Loretta

While Hyundai may have brought the humor, Google really played with our emotions. In this commercial, we see an elderly man asking his Google Home to help him remember things about his wife Loretta. He asks Google to remember everything from the way Loretta snorted when she laughed to the way she hated his mustache. This commercial sure stirred up emotions in many, but was also an adorable depiction of true love.

3. Planters, Baby Nut

A few weeks before the Super Bowl, Planters released a commercial featuring the death of their beloved mascot, Mr. Peanut. The internet went crazy over his death, and many people were still talking about it. During the Super Bowl, we saw Mr. Peanut’s funeral, full of many other iconic mascots such as Mr. Clean. Among these mascots we also saw Kool-Aid Man crying at the death of his friend. Well, Kool-Aid Man apparently has magic tears that ended up bringing Mr. Peanut back to life as an adorable baby.

4. Jeep, Groundhog Day

The Super Bowl and Groundhog Day were both on Sunday, making the Jeep Groundhog Day commercial the perfect commercial. In this commercial, we watch the original Groundhog Day film star Bill Murray relive the events of Groundhog Day once again, but this time things are different. This time Bill has a Jeep and is excited to relive the same day over and over so he can play with his exciting new car and adorable new groundhog friend.

5. Doritos, Old Town Road

In this Cool Ranch Dorito commercial, we get to watch an epic duel turn into an epic dance off. Rapper Little Nas X and actor Sam Elliott have an old Western dance off in order to see who will get the pack of Doritos. Both men have some pretty good moves and provided for some great entertainment.

6.  Alexa, Before Alexa

This commercial featured Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, and had us all wondering what we did before Alexa. The ad then takes viewers back to many different periods in history and shows many different people asking others to do things that we would ask Alexa for today. This commercial was both fun and funny and brought us all joy.

7. T-Mobile, Tell Your Mama

The T-Mobile commercial starts out with the hilarious Anthony Anderson and his real life mama, Doris. Doris isn’t too happy when Anthony switches her service to T-Mobile, but she eventually ends up loving it after she shows both Anthony and the viewers that it works everywhere, even in the club.

8. Cheetos, Can’t Touch This

Cheetos partnered with MC Hammer and his iconic song, “Can’t Touch This” to make a commercial that had us all singing along. The ad shows a man who has fingers covered in Cheeto dust, which causes him not to be able to touch things or do his work. This commercial, with some help from MC Hammer, gave everyone a new excuse for when you just don’t want to get your hands involved.

9. Rocket Mortgage, Comfortable

This commercial was a little funny and a little scary. It featured Jason Momoa being comfortable in his home. But in order to be comfortable, Momoa took off his arms, chest, and hair, revealing a scrawny, balding man underneath. While the commercial left some viewers laughing, others were somewhat disturbed. Either way, it was definitely memorable.

10. Snickers, Fix the World

Last but not least, we have a fun and entertaining Snickers commercial. Everyone knows “you’re not you when you’re hungry” and that a Snickers always helps to fix the problem. In this commercial, we see the world turned upside down; nothing is happening as it should. In the end, everyone comes together to feed the Earth a giant Snickers and set it right again. This commercial was super funny and featured a catchy original song.

Overall, Super Bowl 54 was lacking in the commercial department. There just weren’t too many that stood out or were very memorable. Hopefully next year will be full of better commercials all around.