The Coronavirus Is Going Viral


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The coronavirus breaks out in China with over a hundred deaths.

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

A new form of the coronavirus has struck the Earth. Over a hundred people have now perished, and many more have been affected by it.

Coronaviruses affect the nose, sinuses and throat. There are different types of the virus, and most are not deadly. Almost everyone gets a coronavirus at least once in their life. Most people are children when they first contract the respiratory sickness, and the most common methods of medicine are rest and over-the-counter drugs. The coronavirus spreads like a normal cold through coughing and sharing food or drinks with others.

A couple of years ago, types of coronavirus popped up in countries such as China and Saudi Arabia with no deaths. The biggest outbreak occurred in 2003 in Korea with 774 deaths and 8,098 affected from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), a type of coronavirus. In 2012, the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), a similar virus to SARS, spread in the Arabian Peninsula and killed 858 people while infecting 2,494.

A new coronavirus, the novel coronavirus of 2019 (nCoV-2019), is similar to both SARS and MERS. It broke out in Wuhan, China, two months ago. Scientists have discovered that the virus originated from a seafood market.

The current number of cases attributed to this coronavirus is 4,515 with over 100 deaths. There have been no deaths outside of China, but people have still gotten ill in Thailand, the United States, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, France, Canada, Vietnam, Germany and several other countries because of it. Many flights and trips have been cancelled in order to contain the disease.

Make sure to keep those ill in your prayers as they fight the coronavirus.