Mixed Emotions on Mixing Brands

Cate Cato, Staff Writer

Mixing name brand clothing is something that people do almost every day. This topic has been brought up on social media many times, leaving people to debate “Is it okay to mix clothing brands?”

The answer to that question is totally opinion based, and most people won’t judge you for wearing Nike sweatpants with Adidas shoes; however, some people say it looks tacky to mix or even match brands too much. In order to avoid looking tacky or like a try-hard, make sure that not all of your clothing’s labels are big or easily noticeable. For instance, wearing a shirt with a big Supreme logo on it with pants and slides that also have large Supreme logos on them may come off as being a try-hard. The same can be said with mixing brands: You don’t want to wear a sweatshirt with a big Adidas logo and then sweatpants with a big Under Armour logo because that could come off as low-class or tacky.

The key to mixing brands or matching them is to not have all the labels showing or at least not let them be a huge display, making you seem like you’re actually sponsoring a brand/brands. For example, if you want to wear Lululemon on top of Lululemon, then there should be nothing stopping you. Lululemon’s labels are so small it’s hard to even tell what they are. Wearing a Nike sweatshirt with a little logo on the side and having on Under Armour leggings or sweatpants with a little logo at the same time is also something no one will pay attention to.

Another combo of clothing that confuses people on whether or not it’s okay to mix brands is shoes and socks. Again, most of the time people barely notice, and the labels on socks are small and usually covered. Unless you’re a sneakerhead, socks and shoes are not something you need to spend your precious moments in the morning matching.

With all of this in mind, the choice is still yours to wear whatever you want. You don’t have to be rich or spend all your money on clothes that you’ll grow out of or ruin in the next two to three years. Wear what you want and rock it no matter who tells you different! Confidence can make any outfit look a million dollars.