Ping Ponging and Puzzling


Olivia Skiljan

Members of puzzle club working hard to create a masterpiece

Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

Ping pong and puzzle clubs are making their way into St. Dominic. These opportunities are meant for anyone wanting a time to relax, have fun and take on a challenge.

Ping Pong Club

Paddling it out after a long day can be a major stress reliever. That’s what was going through freshman Ethan Philipps’s mind after he realized that St. Dominic didn’t have a ping pong club. Ethan decided he had to do something about it, so he took the club idea to business teacher Mrs. Roberts. She also thought it would be a fun way for kids to unwind and get involved, so the idea became reality.

The first meeting held a big surprise for the two: 51 interested students showed up. After seeing the incredible turnout, Philipps and Mrs. Roberts thought of a plan to make sure the club would be what everyone wanted.

“I sent out a Google Form to all who were interested and asked them how they would like to play. The majority of voters said they would like to play against others in their grade, so Ethan is currently creating a number generator that will randomly assign students to play kids in their grade,” Mrs. Roberts said.

A major goal for ping pong club is that later in the semester they hope to create a tournament that has a small play-in fee, where the money raised will be donated to charity. Phillips hopes to make ping pong club a big part of St. Dominic and invites all to meet in room 324 on Wednesdays to participate in some friendly competition.

“The goal of this club is to gather all ping pong players and have them hang around and have fun playing ping pong. I also want to promote ping pong as a ‘sport,”’ Philipps said.

With the amazing turnout at just an interest meeting, ping pong is sure to make its mark at St. Dominic.

Puzzle Club

Priyanka Mahadev is a sophomore and also had an idea for expanding St. Dominic’s clubs offered, so she started puzzle club. Puzzle club is a great way to take your mind off whatever stress you have while putting together a picture or taking on a difficult challenge.

Library media specialist Mrs. Playle and English teacher Mr. Duncan were the adults she proposed her new idea to. They both thought it was a wonderful idea, and the club has met together a few times already.

“We had regular puzzles out as well as the block puzzles Mr. Hennekes let us use. We are thinking about adding Rubix Cubes next time we meet. I even want to bring my crocheting in because it challenges and relaxes me,” Mrs. Playle said.

Mahadev’s goal is to bring people together and to challenge their minds.

“I started it because I wanted to bring people together that wouldn’t necessarily be in the same clique. The purpose is to build on people’s problem solving and critical thinking skills, and it also builds on mental wellness,” Mahadev said.

Puzzle club meets twice a month in the glass room in the Learning Commons. All are invited to come challenge their minds and relax with friends.

With great starts, the future for both clubs looking very promising. Make sure to come out and see what these new clubs are all about!