Asking the Big Questions: Why Are You Pro-Life?


Katie Thuet

Thousands of people preparing for the March for Life in Washington D.C.

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

In less than one week, thousands of people from across the country, including many of our fellow Crusaders, will embark on their journey to Washington D.C. for the annual pro-life trip.

Marching among thousands who believe the same thing as you can be very encouraging, but anyone who has ever attended the march knows that you don’t need to have a heated argument in order for the tension to rise.

Even if you refrain from interacting with those protesting the march, you will still be yelled at and told that what you are marching for is “wrong” and a “sin.”

Though marchers are surrounded and supported by hundreds of thousands of people, there are times when faith can falter and questions begin to rise.

“Why am I marching?” “Why am I pro-life?”

Some may say they are pro-life because they want to save babies. Others are pro-life because they want to help the moms in unplanned pregnancy situations. The question is subjective and personal.

People who are not pro-life know that being pro-life means being against abortion, but they may not know that it is simply a belief in human rights.

Pro-life believers fight for the child inside the womb because they think a child deserves a life no matter how they were conceived. They argue that from the moment of conception, there is a baby inside of its mother. Believers are pro-life because, as some may not realize, for pro-life supporters, it is not just about the babies.

Moms going through unplanned pregnancies and those contemplating abortion need as much support as the helpless babies within them.

Also, as many travel out to Washington D.C., we must remember that being pro-life is respecting life in all forms, including but not limited to: babies, elderly, homeless, your neighbor, a classmate or yourself.

The commonly used phrase is “respect life,” not “respect babies.” We are called to show love and respect to everyone we encounter. This lifestyle of love may be why you’re pro-life. I don’t know. Answering why you are pro-life is a personal question, but hopefully you can be a passionate defender of what you believe.

As the week progresses, keep the St. Dominic teachers and students attending the march in your prayers. May this trip be an eye-opening experience for some and a life-changing trip for all.