Who’s New in Semester Two

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

If you haven’t noticed, there are some new faces around St. Dominic! Two new English teachers, Ms. Elizabeth Cirillo and Ms. Alexandra Napoli, have joined our community this semester.

“It’s only been four days, but I’m loving it so far! I’ve never started a job and immediately felt as comfortable as I do here. My favorite part is how nice everyone is; all the other teachers and staff have been so helpful with the millions of questions I’ve had,” Ms. Cirillo said.

They are both enjoying the St. Dominic environment already and are excited to see what the future holds.

“I really like the school a lot. I think my favorite part is just getting to know the students better and how I get to watch them learn and engage,” Ms. Napoli said.

Neither of the new teachers are coaching St. Dominic teams or in any clubs yet, but both plan on starting some. Ms. Napoli plans to start up a club once she figures out what students are into, and Ms. Cirillo wants to start a racquetball team.

“I love racquetball and currently coach for Viz. I’d love to bring racquetball here and get everyone else to love it as much as I do!” Ms. Cirillo said.

Though new to high school, Ms. Napoli has had some teaching experience before. She taught at a small, private Catholic school during college, and as soon as she knew St. Dominic needed teachers, she applied.

“I did an after school program there [at the Catholic school], and I was also a substitute teacher there for a few years. I really liked the community feel, so when I saw that St. Dominic was hiring, I wanted to apply because I knew that I wanted to find another school that had a similar kind of community feel,” Ms. Napoli said.

Ms. Cirillo had some teaching experience of her own at McCluer High and coached racquetball while she was there.

“I actually just graduated in December. I was doing my student teaching at McCluer High in a junior level British Literature class,” Ms. Cirillo said.

If you see either of these new teachers in the halls, be sure to say hi and help welcome them to St. Dominic!