Go Green: Make These Changes to Your Everyday Lifestyle


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Check out a few simple ways to be more eco-friendly in everyday life.

Kate Ryan, Staff Writer

It is no secret that Earth is getting dirtier and more polluted by the day. Some could say it is inevitable, but I believe we all have a part in helping reduce the pollution and trash that is destroying our planet. To do your part, use these numerous eco-friendly changes in your everyday life.

Conserve Energy and Water

To conserve energy, start off by washing your clothes in cold water. A lot of unnecessary energy is spent on heating water to wash clothes, when in reality no difference is made by washing clothes in hot or cold water. To go the extra mile, try air-drying your clothes instead of using energy on a dryer!

Another way to conserve energy is to utilize blinds or curtains in your house to harness the sun’s rays and energy to warm the room. Some basic but still important ways to conserve water are to make sure you shut off all faucets, take shorter showers and be sure not to waste unnecessary amounts of water.

Recycle and Compost

The next way to benefit our environment is extremely well known: recycle! There are millions of unnecessary pounds of paper and cardboard that go into landfills each year. Recycling helps clean our oceans and eliminates waste that takes up precious space on Earth. Along with recycling, composting is a great way to save waste. Start a compost bin with kitchen scraps, newspapers and other materials, and you can use the contents as organic fertilizers for grass and gardens.

Drive Smart and Carpool

A problem all countries share in varying degrees is pollution and smog. We can greatly reduce these by driving smart and carpooling to work or school. To extend your gas mileage, make sure your car’s tires are properly inflated and avoid driving too fast or with too many sudden stops.


Selling and/or donating used things around your house is a great alternative to dumping them, and helps someone else benefit from your unwanted possessions. On the other hand, buying from resale shops can decrease the demand for as big of a production of items, which are created through not-so-eco-friendly ways.

These are just a few of the bigger ones, but there are hundreds of other small eco-friendly changes you can make to your everyday lifestyle. Try going green by recycling, composting and/or driving smart. When you make these small but impactful changes to your everyday lifestyle, you’ll be surprised how far your little effort will go!