Ferocious Fires Engulf Australia


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Australia wildfires spread rapidly, bringing destruction and hazardous air conditions

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

Since September, horrible wildfires have been rapidly spreading across Australia, demolishing everything in their paths. The bushfires have killed 24 people and millions of wild animals.

Unlike where we live, Australia has a “fire season” extending from November to March. In those months, wildfires are easily started and spread due to the dry land, hot weather and winds. People are easy to blame for the start of fires, but doing so is currently banned in order to keep the country’s environment safe; however, wildfires can also begin from natural causes such as a lightning strike sparking a flame when it touches the ground.

This year’s fire season started early and has reportedly been worse than the two prior years combined. The flames have left hundreds of families homeless and have sent them sprawling across the coast of Australia, especially those who live in the heavily-affected southeastern area of the continent.

To put it in perspective, the best air quality to strive for with little to no risk of air pollution on the Air Quality Index is 0 to 50. Currently, the Air Quality Index in Australia has a rating of over 340 from all of the smoke the bush fires are creating.

Many companies and offices have been closed due to hazardous air conditions. Thankfully, on Monday, January 6, rain and cooler weather blessed the country. The rain controlled the fires and gave everyone hope that this tragedy will end soon.

With more than 4,247 square miles burned from the numerous active fires, we ask that you keep Australia in your prayers, especially the victims and workers frantically attempting to stop the flames. If you would like to donate money to help those affected, the St. Vincent de Paul Society has a “Vinnies Bushfire Appeal,” which is linked below.

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