Singing the Blues



Blues look to turn things around with 4 game homestand

Cameron Peters, Staff Writer

The Saint Louis Blues are now defending champions, which comes with the great responsibility of returning the next season as the best. The Blues have taken this pressure in stride though, as they are currently second in the Western Conference and have had a strong showing throughout the roster.

The Blues have an 18-8-6 record this season. This hasn’t been due to one person, but rather the entire team. In this 32 game span, both the offense and the defense have been on point, working together to pull some great games. They average 2.93 goals per game and have maintained a +6 goal differential this year. They have also been efficient this year, maintaining a positive plus-minus throughout the 32 games so far.

Play from key players has been huge this year, as they have been big factors in many games. Jordan Bennington has been a brick wall this season, following up an impressive rookie campaign. He has allowed only 55 goals in the 23 games he has played, posting a very impressive 92% save percentage.

He’s not the only standout Blues player though, as Brauden Schenn, Ryan O’Reilly and David Perron have all shown their leadership throughout the season. Schenn leads the team in goals, while O’Reilly has dished out the most assists. Perron has been the most rounded player on the team, posting 30 points through the first 32 games.

The season is sure to be a good one, as the team is almost at the halfway point. Even though they have hit a somewhat rough patch over the last ten games, they can easily turn that around with their incredible talent and overall skills.