Grown-up Christmas Bucket List


Sanja Lydia Kulusic/Stocksy

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

“Deck the Halls” and spread “Joy to the World,” because Christmas is right around the corner!

With the holidays in only a few weeks, St. Louis is hustling and bustling with a plethora of activities to do this Christmas.

Christmas Lights

If you are looking for a chill night out, going to observe the beautiful Christmas lights displayed around St. Louis is a perfect way to appreciate the season. The Botanical Gardens never disappoint with their gorgeous light display! Or, if you aren’t up for such a long drive, hop in the car with a few loved ones and find Christmas lights in your neighborhood or at nearby parks.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is an excellent way to embrace the cold winter season! Whether you have been skating for your whole life or have never stepped on the rink, ice skating is an amazing experience. Don’t be intimidated by the cold; both indoor and outdoor skating rinks are available!

Christmas Shopping

If you’re feeling a little extra gracious this year, gift your friends and family with something special. Going Christmas shopping can be extremely fun, especially if you bring along a couple friends and some yummy hot chocolate!


Some may think activities like ice skating and walking around the mall are too much work for your Christmas break. If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the holidays, there are plenty of movies to watch this season! You could grab your car keys and catch a movie like Frozen 2 or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theatres, or you could plop on the couch with a bowl of popcorn to watch your favorite holiday classics like The Santa Clause and The Grinch.

Holiday Baking

Baking some delicious holiday treats is great for your holiday movie night in. There is something about fresh baked cookies and other Christmas goodies that remind us all of the holidays and our childhood. Find a creative recipe and get baking!

Beyond these ideas, there are infinitely more activities to enjoy during the most wonderful time of the year! Grab your loved ones and do something fun to make this Christmas special.