Christmas DIY Ideas That Don’t Disappoint

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Christmas is sometimes viewed as a time for spending all of your money on gifts, but what if there is a cheaper —and more meaningful— alternative?

Snow Globes

Snow globes are a classic Christmas gift, but what if you have no money to pay for it? No worries, because all you need is a mason jar, water, glitter and whatever you want to be in your globe! A plastic tree, reindeer or little snowman are all easy choices that always work for the holidays.


A super easy project to give to a family member or friend is a homemade ornament! All you need is either an old CD, a block of wood or plain old paper. Once you have a base for the ornament, then decorate to your heart’s desire! Old pictures, drawings, glitter glue and many other craft supplies can be used to decorate an ornament and spice up a Christmas tree.

Hand-Drawn Coloring Books

A more time consuming but much appreciated DIY for the more artistic bunch is a hand-drawn or color by number coloring book. Any present where you take time out of your day to draw and use your artistic ability is much appreciated, and always feels special.


A good gift for the bookworms in your life is a homemade bookmark! It’s simple to make, and you can let your creativity flow. All you need is laminated paper covering a drawing, phrase, paint strip, or old picture! Personalizing it for the person you’re gifting it to always adds a special touch.

Whether you go out and buy your gifts or make them from the heart, Christmas is a special time to give and say thanks to all those you appreciate in your life. While giving gifts is a fun way to celebrate, remember to keep straight the true meaning of Christmas while celebrating with your loved ones and close friends!