Frozen 2 Will Melt Your Heart

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

Frozen 2 was released just over two weeks ago and has been topping the charts ever since. As Elsa and Anna bring you along to uncover the secrets of their past, this movie is sure to meet all the expectations of Frozen lovers everywhere.

Frozen 2 follows Elsa as she journeys into an enchanted forest determined to uncover the secrets of Arendelle’s past, as well as her own. Of course Anna follows at her side, along with old friends Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Together the team discovers new faces, new friends and new lands as they find out the truth and right Arendelle’s wrongs.

This movie not only delivers a great story, but it also has a great soundtrack. Frozen 2 is complete with seven new songs, along with covers by popular artists Panic! At the Disco and Kasey Musgraves. There are new songs sung by all the main characters, as well as a few other new characters.

“It was the best movie I’ve seen in awhile. It was better than the first one in my opinion, and the music in it was exceptionally amazing and fantastic,” freshman Gia Danoff said.

Gia is one of many people who are saying they liked it even more than the original. In addition, Frozen 2 had the highest ever opening for an animated movie. However, other fans still prefer the original. On Rotten Tomatoes, Frozen scored a 90% while Frozen 2 only scored a 77%.

The only way to truly tell which movie is better is by going to see it yourself. No matter which you end up preferring, Frozen 2 is sure to melt even the most frozen of hearts. With a compelling story and an amazing soundtrack, you just can’t miss it!