Thanksgiving: The Middle Child



Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

The season of the holiday siblings is upon us. Halloween, the youngest of the trio, was nearly a month ago. Christmas, the oldest member, is nearly a month away, and Thanksgiving is upon us. You don’t find many who answer the “What’s your favorite holiday?” with Thanksgiving. Overlooked and forgotten, Thanksgiving does not get a lot of credit, just like the middle child.

Thanksgiving is a holiday in-between the holidays everyone awaits. It is a filler for the main events. You don’t see many Thanksgivings ads or movies. Some people even see Thanksgiving as just the day before Black Friday. No one seems to remember the importance of the holiday.

Thanksgiving being the in-between holiday relates to all middle children. Middle kids tend to feel left out and buried compared to their other siblings, sometimes creating an understanding that they are not as important. This is completely untrue. Middle children and Thanksgiving hold marvelous importance.

Thanksgiving is an incredible holiday. Besides all the amazing dinners and desserts, it is a time to be with family and to realize the gifts we have been given. Thanksgiving is a much needed reminder of the wonderful things in our lives, and this holiday should not be overlooked.