The Last Christmas Conundrum


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Alyssa Buchheit, Editor in Chief

Earlier this month, Last Christmas hit theatres, following the story of Kate, a frustrated woman who works as an elf in a year-round Christmas store. The drama/romance movie has garnered many different reviews, but the vast majority of people agree the film left them unsatisfied.

While working in the Christmas shop, Kate spies a man outside who keeps staring at something above the shop. She goes out to investigate and, after a bit of a struggle, hits it off with the man, who we soon learn is Tom.

Tom is the perfect charmer all women dream of: perfect manners, perfect personality, perfect smile and perfect attitude. The man literally volunteers at a soup kitchen for the homeless. Tom and Kate grow closer and start dating; however, Tom makes a habit of randomly disappearing from Kate for days on end, with no valid reason.

Tom seems like the whole package. At the beginning of the movie, I loved him. At the end, I realized he was not who he seemed. I felt weird as I thought back to previous scenes he was in, and I didn’t like the uneasy feeling I left the theatre with.

As the movie progresses, we come to understand why Tom acts the way he does, but many movie-goers were disappointed with the plot in this respect.

Last Christmas was a cute and endearing movie until the very end. A major plot twist kind of ruined the entire film for me. Go in with low expectations or just leave the theatre with about 15 minutes left,” senior Delaney Wehde said.

Last Christmas also tried to weave in a ton of different storylines. I thought some worked perfectly with the story, but others seemed forced and just there to fill up time.

“There were too many plots happening at once. I was confused during a third of the movie,” senior Sophie Prinsen said.

The final consensus: save your money and watch a Hallmark movie instead. It’ll save your bank account while still giving you a romantic, cheesy plot to watch unfold.

Rate: 5/10