Doing it for Kicks


Via SDHS Twitter

Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

The soccer boys fought hard all season long, leaving it all on the field. The boys battled til the very end. Unfortunately, the boys lost in quarterfinals 1-2.

The game started off in Summit’s favor. After just nine minutes, Summit took a 1-0 lead. Dominating the field through most of the first half, the Falcons took a 2-0 lead with 13 minutes left in the half. The boys didn’t hang their heads, though. They scored with only 28 seconds left in the half, getting everyone pumped heading into the second half.

However, the pace slowed in the second half. With the boys trailing by one and fighting with all their might, they just couldn’t get the equalizer. Unfortunately the game ended with Summit earning the 2-1 victory and ending the boy’s season. Even though the season came to an end, Coach Greg Koeller and fans are proud of how far the Crusaders went.

“We set our sight from the very beginning to reach the Final Four, so it is disappointing to me. It is not a disappointing season. This team put themselves in a position to go for it by earning a quarterfinal berth. They gave themselves every opportunity to advance, so it is disappointing not to make it. But I am proud of them!” Coach Koeller said.

The season was filled with many ups and downs. Despite a few injuries and a couple tough losses, the boys fought their way courageously through the whole season. Sticking together and standing behind each other through every match, the team grew closer and played better and better as the season progressed.

“With a young group you want as much continuity as possible. But down the stretch and most of the second half of the season we were with injuries. To battle this type of adversity made us tougher. We would have liked to have had more continuity to gain a certain consistency within our playing and organization. Our younger players gained experience that will only benefit us for next season,” Coach Koeller said.

Everyone is proud of how the boys finished out the season, and no one can wait until next year! The boys are ready to train during the off season in order to come back better than ever.