Splashing Into the New Season


Elli Hagan

Kate Ryan, Staff Writer

The girls’ swim team is kicking off their season here at Dominic with a major difference—20 new swimmers.

Coach Imming couldn’t be more excited for the new season with her huge team. Ms. Imming is in charge of the shadow system here, and this is her second year as the girls’ swim coach. This year, Coach came into the season prepared and organized, and things couldn’t be going better.

“I hope to have each girl improve in some way and create a closer team by the end of the season. I like that the program is growing and that the girls are excited about swim,”  Imming said.

In addition, Coach has found new resources and extra coaches to help out, so this season is sure to be amazing!

This year’s new swimmers come from each and every grade. Freshman Sydney Pickett has swum club almost her entire life, and she is more than ready for her first high school season.

“So far, everyone has been friendly and welcomed me well. My main goal for this swim season is to break at least one school record for Dominic and qualify for state in multiple races,” Pickett said.

Junior Kennedy Angus is one of the many joining juniors this year. She has almost no experience with swimming as a sport, but she’s all ears and ready to learn this season.

“I love the season so far, and I’m most excited to make new memories with all of the new friends I’ve already made,” Angus said.

The girls’ swim team is bigger than ever, and all the girls are working their tails off to get ready for their first meet. It is a little hectic with so many new members, but this season is sure to be one of the best yet. Be sure to check arbiter for the girls’ season, and don’t miss their first meet on December 2 at 6:30 at Principia High School!