Disney+ is a Must


Darby Duncan

Disney+ is finally here! Disney’s new steaming service dropped last Tuesday.

Darby Duncan, Staff Writer

Move over Netflix, Disney+ is finally here! Disney dropped their new streaming service last Tuesday and it has been a huge success, with over ten million subscribers already. Full of both old and new shows, movies, documentaries and shorts, Disney+ is the perfect service for any family.

Each account allows you to add up to seven different profiles for each member of your family or group and is available on up to ten devices. In addition, every profile can add a personal watchlist and pick their own avatar. The options for avatars include Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Disney channel characters.

The content on Disney+ is what really seals the deal. Users can watch movies, shows and documentaries from Disney Studios, Disney Channel, National Geographic, Marvel and Star Wars. Disney+ features classics like Cinderella and The Lion King to newer movies like Frozen and Incredibles 2. It is also home to Disney channel shows like Hannah Montana, 90s Disney shows like Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, and all of the Star Wars films.

Not only does Disney+ have these classic movies and shows, but they have even created new Disney+ originals.  Among these originals are the new Star Wars show The Mandalorian and the High School Musical spin off High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Both of these shows go above and beyond and do their original series justice. Along with all the new original shows come new Disney+ original movies. Among these are a live action Lady and the Tramp, as well as a new Christmas movie, Noelle.

If you are interested in completely new projects, Disney+ has also created shows like Encore!, The Imagineering Project and The World According to Jeff Goldblum. Encore! focuses on reuniting real high school classmates to re-perform their high school musicals. The Imagineering Project is all about the history of Walt Disney, Disneyland and the imagineers who helped build it all. Lastly, The World According to Jeff Goldblum features Jeff Goldblum exploring the exciting science and history behind everyday objects.

The options for Disney+ are nearly unlimited. At only $6.99 a month, this service is too good to pass up. And if all of these benefits weren’t enough to sell you on Disney+, the Disney company has once again gone above and beyond and added one extra special feature. They have added a place online for customers to state which new shows and movies they want on the service. This way, each customer has a voice and is able to help create the perfect streaming service. Be sure to check out Disney+ for yourself and become a part of the magic!