Jesus is King


Via Kanye West Twitter

Cate Cato, Staff Writer

Rapper Kanye West has been releasing hits since he first stepped into fame, and that didn’t change when he announced his new album Jesus is King. The album was definitely a bold move for him, especially considering his fame and how controversial he knew it would be.

Kanye has been one of the most influential musicians in hip hop for years, and as he shares his faith journey with the world, people applaud him for sticking by something that may seem outdated. The fact that he publicly declares his faith and makes it the center of his music is why Kanye is one of the best artists today.

The Jesus is King album features 11 tracks all concentrated around faith in Christ. Kanye uses elements in his music that people can easily relate to.

“The way Kanye is able to portray his beliefs to all of his fans is truly inspiring to many. My favorite song on his album is ‘God Is’ because it is something that I can jam out to, but it also includes the faith, so it’s a win-win.” junior Emma Breugenhemke said.

With this album, Kanye was able to reach ultimate fame and use it to spread the Gospel, without caring if anyone judged him. His purpose was to make people feel how he feels towards Christ. Many artists wouldn’t risk something that could jeopardize their fan base or even career, but the risk paid off: this album is definitely something to celebrate.