A New Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot Portrays Irena Sendler in Upcoming Film

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

Extra! Extra! A life-changing movie is in the works, with Gal Gadot as the soon to be iconic role of Irena Sendler.

Irena Sendler was a Christian social worker who defied the choking invasion of Nazi Germany in Poland by saving 2,500 Jewish children during the Holocaust. Through a secret network that smuggled Jewish children out of ghettos, Irena Sendler constantly put herself in life-threatening situations for the good of others. The significance of her selflessness is that Sendler was a Christian. She was not being targeted by Nazis and could have lived a safe life, but instead took off a blanket of comfort to save Jews.

Sendler’s intense story includes being arrested and sentenced to death, miraculously escaping with the help of a bribed guard and lying about her identity to Nazi soldiers. Her life can be an inspiration to all and a testimony for the pro-life movement.

Though Sendler’s story is finally gaining recognition in the making of this new film, this isn’t the first appearance she has made.

She was discovered by a group of high school girls from Kansas, who came across a scrap of newspaper about Irena Sendler and further researched her for a school project. After Sendler herself was discovered in Poland, her story was shared with the world through the novel Life in a Jar written by Jack Mayer.

Life in a Jar details Sendler’s inspiring life, and has therefore changed the hearts of all those who read it. Now, with Gal Gadot producing and starring in a movie about Sendler, her extraordinary and awe-inspiring history will reach even more lives.

As we all await the upcoming film, I encourage everyone to read Life in a Jar by Jack Mayer to truly dive into the intensity and beauty of this incredible story.