Angels Among Us: Senior Clay North Fights Against Brain Cancer


Angels Among Us

Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

As you have probably heard, Angels Among Us is a soccer game and fundraiser created by senior soccer player Clay North. The idea came to him when he was assigned a project to complete for his leadership class. The game is happening Monday night, and all of our St. Dominic soccer boys are excited to take on Chaminade College Prep.

While the boys would love to win, the ultimate goal for Monday’s game is to raise money for those with brain cancer. To do so, Clay has been selling $20 t-shirts all week, with all of the profit being donated.

“I think this game has really brought something to the team that we’ve lacked all season, and that’s something we can all fight for. I know my connection with brain cancer is a more personal than the rest of my team [Clay’s uncle passed away from brain cancer], but I think they have all been beyond supportive in helping and understanding the purpose behind it all,” Clay said.

The Angels Among Us game benefits Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University. The money will not only be used to support those who are treated at the center, but it will also be used to spread awareness about the disease. Out of all of the types of cancer, brain cancer is not funded as well as most. Clay’s efforts to support this cause are amazing, and the whole St. Dominic community is standing behind him.

“My first hope for this event is that I can finally honor my uncle in the way I want to remember him. I was too young to really understand what was happening when he passed away, and even though it is unfair, I really have always regretted it. This is just a great way for me to reconcile my mistakes. I’m also hoping to create a lasting event for the boy’s soccer program that will hopefully touch the heart of another senior who will allow me to help on the project with them!” Clay said.

The boy’s soccer team asks that everyone comes out to St. Dominic at 6 p.m. Monday night to show their support for all that the team is playing for. If you did not purchase a shirt or if you did and still want to donate, please go to the link below. Shirts are still available to buy during Empower Hour the rest of this week. Please support this worthy cause and help fight against brain cancer!

Donate here: