China Boycotts NBA


Via @barstoolsports Twitter

Cameron Peters, Staff Writer

The NBA has been experiencing huge backlash recently, as Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted supporting pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. While this tweet was only posted for less than a day, the controversy that it caused may take years to recover from.

Two weeks ago, Morey posted a tweet using a slogan made popular by protestors in Hong Kong, which started the controversy, as the Chinese government was not happy to receive negative attention. The tweet was very untimely, as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets were planning on hosting some games in Shanghai and Shenzhen. This situation forced the NBA to close all press conferences prior to the games, and the players were told to come in and do their job, then get out.

Morey  has felt the backlash around the league almost immediately as well. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that the Chinese government asked the NBA to fire Daryl Morey. Silver refused, though, and to the surprise of many, actually backed Morey on this.

“There have already been some fairly dramatic consequences from that tweet, and I have read some of the media suggesting that we are not supporting Daryl Morey, but in fact we have,” Silver said.

Lebron James has always been a huge voice on subjects like this, since he is the face of the NBA for the time being, but took a step back on this conversation. He has only released one comment not taking either side, but simply stating that “he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand.” Either way, Morey’s tweet has caused controversy that is already carrying over into the regular season.

China decided to take their own measures to “protest” the NBA on opening night, as they cancelled their airing of the season openers between the New Orleans Pelicans and Toronto Raptors, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. This possible fallout could possibly cost both sides billions of dollars, but these are the risks that need to be taken to stand up for what you believe in.