Who Will Save the Amazon?

Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

A few months ago, it became known to the public that the Amazon rainforest was engulfed with flames. This story gained public attention for about a week or two and then disappeared from our feeds. However, the dilemma remains: the Amazon is still burning.

More than 70,000 fires have been identified since January of this year. This concerning number is 84% more than the recorded forest fires within the Amazon during 2018.

Major fires are always expected in the Amazon during the dry season because of lightning strikes and other regular activity. But why is it so extreme this year? Many conservationists have observed an increase in fires due to the slash and burn method used in order to create space for crops and grazing.

The slash and burn method is a method of deforestation used to not only cut down trees, but then burn the land completely to flatten it out and make new soil. Therefore, conservationists assume this method has contributed to the huge increase in these intense forest fires.

So, what can you do to help? Simple ways you can help in your everyday life include reducing your oil consumption and use of paper products. Examples of how to participate in these helpful actions are to use reusable bags, utilize both sides of paper, carpool and ride your bike or walk to close locations, rather than driving. However, the best way that you contribute to the end of this tragedy is to simply spread awareness.