Intramurals are In

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Volleyball season is in full swing, and not just for our volleyball girls! Intramurals have begun, and everyone is super excited to play. Fall season is for volleyball, and sports will continue onto basketball in the winter and kickball in the spring.

“Intramurals were started here at St. Dominic to give our students more ways to be involved. Intramurals are for EVERYONE, and they’re a way to bring our community together,” physical education teacher Mrs. Zelnis said.

There are eight teams participating in volleyball intramurals, with their ages ranging qall the way from freshmen to seniors. Being on an intramural team, especially one that has diverse ages, creates support and camaraderie among students!

“I wanted to play because I knew it would be something that really lets me relax if I have a rough school day or a long practice…This is my time to clear my mind and just enjoy myself,” freshman Kelly Welby said.

Intramurals are also a great opportunity to make new memories with fellow students. Seniors who may not have chosen to play on the volleyball team before get a chance to play with their friends.

“My favorite part about intramural volleyball is meeting new people and creating new friendships while playing. We are playing really well, we are in first, and we have been working way better as a team. I wanted to play because this is my last year at Dominic, and I want to do as many activities as possible,” senior Tim Blechle said.

If you are worried about not being able to make it, that is no big deal! Intramural volleyball is here so you can have fun and make new connections.

“My favorite part is being able to hang out with my friends out of school, and play other teams with people who I don’t talk to all that much. I haven’t been able to make most of our games due to my schedule, but when I can make it I really love it,” senior Madison Kelly said.

The volleyball team that comes out on top at the end of the season will play a teacher’s team during Empower Hour on October 18. No matter who wins, everyone involved will have had tons of fun!