Mobile Mario Kart Hits The Tracks


Cate Cato, Staff Writer

For over a decade, people have been waiting for the long-beloved Mario Kart to be released on the iPhone so they can play it anytime, anywhere. The day finally came on September 25, 2019, and people have been downloading it ever since.

Reviews for the game have not been consistent, but no game on the iPhone is exactly like the original. The controls are obviously different for a touch screen, and some say that the controls make the game harder and less enjoyable.

“I like the mobile version because you can change your speed but steering seems to be a lot easier on the WII,” said junior Kate Ryan.

Unlike the control on the Wii, there is no acceleration button, so your player will always be moving forward. The game gives you one player unlocked, and to get new players, you earn points and win challenges. Challenges are also new to the mobile version, giving you a new way to win. Nintendo’s track record also shows that the game is playable without any in-app purchases.

The game takes place in many destinations, and the characters have a variety of costume options depending on where they’re playing, so you can always switch things up if you get bored.

Even though it may take a little getting used to, the intensity of the game still remains. Mario Kart is a great competition for you and your friends to play if you need to take a break from studying or are just bored.