Softball’s Senior Stars

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Softball’s Senior Stars

Noah Duncan

Noah Duncan

Noah Duncan

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

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After three years of playing together, six softball players are finally seniors: Cati Beth Welby, Courtney Playle, Darby Duncan, Natalie Schellert, Jamie Wilmes and Tori Forbeck. They are a talented group working their hardest every day to lead their team to a successful season.

“They are one of the best groups of seniors that I have ever coached in my 20 years. They will go through a wall if I ask them to,” Coach Noah Duncan said.

Courtney Playle #3

Playle has been a very important asset for the team over the years. She is a utility player, so she can perform in multiple positions. Playle is also a DP (designated player) and a courtesy runner mostly for the catcher this year, freshman Abby Dachus. Impressively, Playle has scored 12 runs this season alone. She is extremely excited for Senior Night. After planning the night every year for the prior seniors, it is her and the other girls’ turn to shine.

“I’m sad it’s our last year but happy we get to leave our legacy for the younger players,” Playle said.

Darby Duncan #6

Duncan shines in right field and has been playing on varsity since freshman year when she got called up for districts. She is pushing the team to claim the district championship title for the fourth year in a row. Duncan always works her hardest, even when she gets in a slump or has a rough game.

“I just love how this team is like a family and everyone is close… we always have fun together,” Duncan said.

Jamie Wilmes #7

Wilmes is an incredible player who normally plays second base but recently took up first base. She is definitely a team player, as she learned this new position to help the team. Every practice she works extremely hard so that the team can hopefully push as far past districts as possible. Wilmes is a natural leader with her charisma and cheery attitude.

“It’s fun leading the team, and the attitude has been really positive,” Wilmes said.

Wilmes’s senior year marks the end of an era, as Coach Duncan has coached a Wilmes sister for twelve years in a row, and they have all been number seven. Sadly the tradition will be completed once Wilmes graduates this year, but the girls have definitely made their mark on St. Dominic softball.

Cati Beth Welby #13

Welby is a stellar outfielder who got called up freshman year for districts and has been competing on varsity ever since. She is also working to help achieve the team’s fourth district championship in a row. Welby excels in left outfield, catching any ball that comes her way. She will miss her fellow seniors and how well they genuinely get along.

“Through these past four years I’m obviously most proud that we’ve won districts all three years so far, but I’m also really proud of our senior girls for making softball a positive atmosphere and a lot of fun for our last year,” Welby said.

Natalie Schellert #15

Schellert has been on the varsity team all four years of her high school career as the starting shortstop. Much like the Wilmes sisters, this is the eighth year a Schellert has played for Coach Duncan and worn number 15. Along with Welby, Forbeck and Duncan, she is hoping to win districts for the fourth year in a row. Schellert has been a vital asset to the team because she has stepped in when her team has needed her most. Even though she hasn’t pitched in five years, Schellert has risen to the challenge by pitching a couple times this year when needed.

“The season is going well so far, and I feel like we have a really good group of seniors,” Schellert said.

Tori Forbeck #16

Forbeck is a competitive and strong-willed player who has been on varsity all four years. She dominates in center field and last year earned the all-state title for center field. Forbeck has been able to grow with the other seniors throughout their four years.

“I am most proud of the person I have become over the past four years from this sport. Softball is a game of failure, and the lessons learned through the games are so important. Both in life and on the field taking what I’ve learned and applying it has really impacted the person I have become, and I will forever be grateful,” Forbeck said.

The seniors together hold a positive attitude for the entire team, and they lead by example as they work hard to assist the team tremendously. Make sure to cheer on your senior Crusaders as they compete through the rest of their bittersweet, last season!

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