Falling Into New TV


Darby Duncan, Media Editor

With the start of the fall season, both new shows are starting and old shows are returning to TV, making it the perfect time of year to binge watch.

One new show coming to Fox is Prodigal Son. This show follows criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright. Malcom’s father happens to be a famous serial killer who now wants to bond with his son. This crime drama is laced with humor and is sure to be a fan favorite. Prodigal Son premiered on Fox on September 23.

Another new show coming to ABC is a thriller called Emergence. The series starts with a mysterious accident and an abandoned child. The mystery girl has no memory of what has happened to her, and in the midst of finding out who she is, the characters are swept up into a conspiracy larger than they ever could have thought. Emergence premiered September 24 on ABC.

A third new show this fall season coming to The CW is Nancy Drew. The CW puts a new spin on an old classic as they revamp the iconic teen. Nancy Drew will face everyday challenges while solving mysteries and having encounters with the supernatural. The new series will have many references to the book, as well as create new adventures for all to enjoy. Nancy Drew premiers on October 9.

The last new show to be sure to watch is Kids Say The Darndest Things. Hosted by Tiffany Haddish, this show will showcase the comedic talents of kids. There will be multiple segments in which a group of kids will perform various tasks, such as explaining rules to us, helping people with their love life or letting us see what happens in an everyday carpool. Kids Say The Darndest Things premieres on ABC on October 9.

Along with all these new shows, some fan favorites will be returning as well. Dancing With The Stars returned September 16, The Goldbergs returns September 25 and Grey’s Anatomy returns September 26, all on ABC. The Walking Dead returns on October 6 on AMC. Lastly, Superstoretakes place right here in St. Louis, and returns September 26 on NBC.

Be sure to check out all these new shows and tune in to watch the new seasons of your old favorites. If you missed any of these premieres, be sure to watch them on demand or check them out on your favorite TV apps.