Simple Ways to Serve: 6 Non-Profit Organizations in the St. Charles Area


Elizabeth Petruso, Staff Writer

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

Whether you are a student looking for service hours or you just want to do your part in helping the community, these six non-profit organizations are a perfect way to spread love and provide assistance throughout the St. Charles area.

Birthright St. Charles

Birthright is an organization that helps women through unplanned pregnancies and encourages them in their journey of becoming a mother. As a volunteer, you have the chance to organize baby clothes and supplies such as diapers and toys. Volunteers also get to create care packages for Birthright clients who are expecting. In addition, if you are a writer, Birthright is a perfect place to volunteer because you may have the opportunity to write for their teen blog. Birthright has branches in St. Charles, Wentzville and Brentwood among other places.

Crisis Nursery

While Birthright focuses on supporting expectant mothers, Crisis Nursery is the place for you if you enjoy working with kids. At Crisis Nursery, volunteers spend time with children whose ages range from newborn to 12 years old. Volunteers also assist in cleaning the building and can help at special events. You can either volunteer individually or bring a group to one of Crisis Nursery’s locations in either St. Charles or St. Louis.

Our Lady’s Inn

Our Lady’s Inn is a safe haven in Defiance, Missouri for women who are worried about their lives after giving birth. Our Lady’s Inn supports mothers and their children by giving them a roof over their heads, meals and hope for the future. Some volunteer opportunities at Our Lady’s Inn include spending time with the children, working in the office and helping with meal preparation.

We Love St. Charles

We Love St. Charles is an organization that assists families, individuals and at-risk youth through mentoring and outreach. As an intern or volunteer at We Love St. Charles, some opportunities you may be fit for are youth mentoring, contributions, yard work and helping at fundraiser events. If you enjoy hands on work like construction and hard labor, this is an ideal non-profit for you. To volunteer, you must fill out a form which requires you to mark what types of service you are interested in. From there, you will be placed in the group that best fits you and your abilities.

St. Louis Food Bank

The St. Louis Food Bank is an organization for groups or individuals to bag and organize food that will then be sent out to those in need, to help expel hunger in the St. Louis area. This is a great way to do your part in stopping the hunger and starvation that seems to engulf our world. You and your peers can sign up for morning or afternoon/night shifts during the week any day from Tuesday to Saturday.

Healing Photo Art (Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals)

For those with a busy schedule who cannot spend hours upon hours at an organization site, the Healing Photo Art Foundation is perfect for you! In an attempt to bring warmth in and thwart off the dreary feeling of hospitals, anyone is welcome to send in their photography to the Healing Photo Art Foundation to be hung up. If you are interested in becoming a contributing photographer, all that is required of you is to send your photos to the email [email protected].

These six organizations are perfect ways to get involved, but your service is not limited to these organizations. There are a plethora of non-profits in the St. Charles area, and though each one has its own mission, they all give us the opportunity to spread the light of Christ to those around us. If you are interested in volunteering at any of the organizations listed above, make sure you check out their websites, which are linked below, for more information.



Crisis Nursery:

Our Lady’s Inn:

We Love St. Charles:

St. Louis Food Bank:

Healing Photo Art Foundation: